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Rotary Virtual Youth Exchange Program

What is a Virtual Exchange?

Virtual exchanges are an engaging alternative to in-person exchanges, providing young people a unique opportunity to meet and collaborate with people from other cultures and communities online. When they are structured, safe, and developed with specific goals and student outcomes in mind, virtual exchange experiences can be just as valuable as physically going abroad, allowing young people to engage in intercultural dialogue and meet people with different viewpoints from around the world. They can also help students challenge stereotypes, increase empathy, and develop intercultural competencies – all of which can help them develop the knowledge and skills needed to become global citizens and peacebuilders.

What are the benefits of a Virtual Exchange?

Virtual exchanges promote diversity and inclusion. One of the greatest benefits of virtual exchanges is that they are inclusive and accessible by nature, making international, cross-cultural educational experiences available to a greater number of young people. It also provides an opportunity for students from vastly different backgrounds to come together. As valuable as physical exchange experiences are, there are many barriers that keep young people from participating, including cost, strict educational requirements, physical or mental health challenges, travel restrictions, or even personal family obligations. A virtual exchange can provide underserved, underrepresented, or marginalized youth in your communities – who have just as much to contribute to intercultural dialogue – the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations that help promote respect and understanding across cultures.

Virtual exchanges develop students’ global competencies and leadership skills. Connecting virtually is becoming more the norm than the exception. Using digital communication tools like Zoom, Skype, Google, Facebook, etc., students not only have the chance to learn about other cultures and backgrounds, but with proper guidance students can also learn how to interact effectively and collaboratively with others in a digital space.

Virtual exchanges enhance past cross-cultural experiences and fuel curiosity for new ones. For young people who have had the chance to experience a physical exchange or who have traveled abroad, a virtual exchange can give them an opportunity to deepen their understanding. For those who may not have the opportunity, a virtual exchange can prepare or empower them to pursue an in-person exchange experience later in their academic or professional career.

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